Why I Love Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant


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Pinterest has 250 million people use Pinterest every month. It is incredible! There must be a lot of people pinning recipes!
When I started as a Virtual Assistant, I did not have a Pinterest account. My first client gave me the opportunity to help her in managing her social media accounts. She is a travel blogger, and Pinterest was one of the best marketing tools for her blog. I set up my first Pinterest account so that I can learn more about it and started pinning too. I created different kinds of Pinterest boards but mostly about different travel destinations because my goal was to understand what do travel bloggers pin and how they use Pinterest for their blogs. After a few days, my client introduced Tailwind to me. I thought that it was difficult to use it. I did not understand it at first. I have not used any Pinterest scheduling tool at that time so it was really new to me. However, after my client taught me how to use it, things became easy to navigate inside Tailwind. Since then, I immersed myself in the world of Pinterest. I have learned a lot over the years. 

Here are some reasons why I love being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant:

1. I have been able to expand my Pinterest Virtual Assistant services. 

When you learn something new, you discover more about yourself and what you are capable of doing. I am more knowledgeable now, and it means that I can help my clients better. I did not learn just by searching on Google everything about Pinterest. I enrolled in online courses on how to manage Pinterest accounts. One of those courses was Kristin and Gina's How to Become a Pinterest VA course. Through this course, I have been able to understand Pinterest better and keeps me updated.

2. Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant helped me how to market myself better online. 

I am an introvert. At first, it was challenging to be active on social media. I did not know how to be visible online and kinda unsure of what to post on my social media accounts. But after a while, I realized that I should stop overthinking. I told myself that I can do it, so I started participating in Facebook group discussions, engage with my target market by posting and answering questions, and so on. This has led me to gain a better understanding of what my potential clients need in terms of their Pinterest accounts. 

3. I have gained confidence. 

When I started as a Virtual Assistant, it was overwhelming to pick one specialty because there are so many options. I felt that I had to respond to every Virtual Assistant job opportunity that I saw online. With this kind of thinking, I was stressed out because I was spreading myself too thin. I did not give attention to just one thing instead and I was kinda all over the place. If you are a Virtual Assistant, keep learning but also focus on one thing at a time so you can hone your skills better. It would also convey that you have the expertise in the field that you have chosen. So, if you want to be an Instagram account manager, learn as much as you can about Instagram and how to help your potential clients. When I started putting more focus on learning Pinterest, I feel that I can understand how to help my clients' Pinterest accounts grow, understand Pinterest analytics better, and market myself better.

I am sure that I will be adding more reasons on why I love being a Pinterest VA in the future. I hope that you like my insights.

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