Why Do You Need to Have a Business Coach

Why Do You Need to Have a Business Coach - #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest #socialmedia

I have started being a Virtual Assistant last year (2016). I had no idea how to market myself so I just accepted the opportunity to work as an intern.

It was very helpful because I was new and not familiar with how to collaborate with someone online. After a few months, I realized that I enjoy working at home and would love to make it as a business.

I wish that I had a support and guidance from someone who is knowledgeable in building an online business. However, it is okay. We learn along the way. That’s what I thought too.

I thought that I can learn everything on my own. I have said to myself that I am quite tech savvy so I would know how to figure things out and build an online presence.

As months pass by, I have become a bit frustrated about my business. I am not going to give up because I believe that I can succeed and be able to help others too. The frustrating part is that I feel like I am such a mess.

I know what I want but then I am not getting the results. Therefore, there is something that I need to improve. It is not easy to admit that you need help. You tell yourself that you know your business and yourself more than anyone.

It does not work that way. When you want to grow, you have to seek help. You cannot do this on your own.

I need direction and consistency. Therefore, I will be embarking on a new journey next month. I have booked a coaching session for four months. I am hoping for the best and growth.

I will give you an update from time to time.


What are your struggles in starting your online business?

What have you done in order to reach your goals?