The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Group Threads for Free Blog Traffic

The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Group Threads for Free Blog Traffic - #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest #socialmedia

Being a new blogger, I am eager to find free ways on how to increase the engagement on my blog and help my clients who are bloggers too.

Joining Facebook threads is my answer.

A thread is like a forum in a Facebook group. You will see different social media and blogging threads in the Facebook groups that I have listed below. The examples of these threads are:

  • Facebook page follow and comment thread

  • Flipboard share thread

  • Google Plus follow thread

  • Instagram likes and comments thread

  • Pinterest re-pin thread

  • Stumbleupon share threads

  • Twitter retweets threads

First, join a Facebook group that has threads relevant to your niche. Read and follow the rules from the admin. When you see a thread, you can participate but make sure that you will follow the rules. For example, a Pinterest repin thread. Join by adding a link to one of your Pinterest pins. Remove the preview. There is always a deadline to finish the threads and it is usually within 24 hours. Do not forget this. Facebook threads can be short and long. When you join, be responsible enough to complete your task. It is simple and a great way to collaborate with the other bloggers too.

Here is an example of a Pinterest thread from Mappin Monday Facebook group:


I have created a list of Facebook groups that have threads that you can join. 

Is there any thread that you would like to add on this list?

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