The Valuable Lessons that I have Learned as a Virtual Assistant

The Valuable Lessons that I have Learned as a Virtual Assistant - #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest #socialmedia

It is my birthday today! 

I have been through a lot this year but thankful and grateful for all the changes. This is a perfect day for reflection. 

These are the things that I learned this year.

1. Never be afraid to quit on something when it is no longer beneficial for you.

Earlier this year, I decided to stop working with someone. I should have ended it sooner, but I didn't. I was thinking about my bills. However, she did something that I could no longer tolerate. Then, the next morning. I sent her a message. I said thank you for the opportunity, and I wasn't going to pursue working for her anymore. Being a Virtual Assistant is not about being an employee of someone. This is a business. If I were to collaborate with someone, I would appreciate being treated equally. I am a businesswoman, and this is not a just sideline or hobby. If you want someone to help with your business, then make sure that you value that person's worth. 

2. Embrace uncertainties.

It is difficult to grasp the uncertainties because we want to stay in comfortable situations. However, be willing to take risks. It is critical to success. Remind yourself that it is okay to be scared but still do something that will help you to improve. When you are eager to take your business to another level, you have to invest your time and money. Go out of your comfort zone. 

3. Reach out to the people who you admire.

When I just started being a Virtual Assistant, I sent an email to a female entrepreneur whom I admire. She's a stylist and has an online store for ethical fashion. She's such an inspiration because she started her business on her own. I just explained to her that I am a Virtual Assistant. Then, she asked for my blog’s URL. I did not have a blog yet at that time. However, it has motivated me to create a blog. I would not even consider having a blog if she did not ask about it. (haha) Well, you can still get clients through referrals and word-of-mouth. I am happy that I have a blog now because this blog is helping me to build my online presence.

4. Pursue to learn something new every day.

Online work is very competitive. I am a member of Facebook groups for Virtual Assistants. I have noticed that there are so many people nowadays who want to work remotely and have more freedom. Therefore, it is essential to be knowledgeable about the tools and resources. I have enrolled in different online courses to learn more. They are an investment too because I want to be able to gain valuable skills and have a better portfolio. It will take time and a lot of practice to become adept at something. One of the ways that I have thought of is to find a remote internship with someone who is willing to train me. I want to learn more about email management lately. I want to be an OBM (Online Business Manager) someday. I have found a very skilled Virtual Assistant recently, and I am going to manage her emails through Asana. It is such a great opportunity! No matter how much I learn something if I do not use them then I do not think I would be able to understand them completely.

5. Prioritize yourself.

You have to set time for yourself too. I am guilty of working too much. I want to accomplish so many things in a day. Do not forget that you need to have some leisure time. It can be refreshing to go back to work after you have some time off. It can be sleeping early or taking a nap. 

6. Appreciate the people who support you always. 

My family and friends are very important to me. They have been always eager to help me in this journey. I grew up in a traditional environment wherein most people have 9 to 5 jobs. It can be quite lonely to be a digital nomad sometimes. However, I have a curious mind. I have a thirst for learning which led me to become who I am today. When I started being a Virtual Assistant, I did not have a lot of connections but I did not give up. I am thankful and appreciative of the support from my loved ones. 

If you are a Virtual Assistant who needs help too, you can send me an email or message. I would love to help you.

How has been your experience as a Virtual Assistant or Digital Nomad so far?

What have you learned?