How to Use Tailwind Pin Inspector to Find Your Best Pins

How to Use Tailwind Pin Inspector to Find Your Best Pins #pinterestvirtualassistant #virtualassistant #pinterestva #tailwindapp #pinterestmanagement

Are you curious about how to determine if your Pinterest images are performing well or not? Do you often wonder if your Pinterest images are getting repinned by others who belong to the same group boards as you do? Or do other Pinterest users visit your boards and repin your Pinterest pins?

Repins matter. If you do know which ones are performing well, you will have an idea which of your content is popular or trending. This will help in planning your content for the next month or perhaps this will give you an idea of the kind of freebies, products, or services that you would like to create in the future. Aside from content planning, you will be able to check what pin designs are getting repins. The design of your Pinterest images is also very important because Pinterest is a visual platform and you want your Pinterest pin images to stand out.

Without further ado, the answer to your concern is Tailwind’s Pin Inspector feature.

What is Pin Inspector?

Pin inspector filters and sorts your pins to see exactly which ones are performing and build on your success with recommendations for similar content your audience might like. via Tailwind

You can find Pin Inspector under Insights. Screenshot below.

How to Use Tailwind Pin Inspector to Find Your Best Pins #virtualassistant #tailwindapp #pinterestvirtualassistant

How to use Pin Inspector?

Let’s use my Tailwind account as an example to check which of my pins are performing well.

  1. Go to Pin Inspector.

  2. Select a group board that you want to analyze in the By Board drop-down menu.

  3. Sort by Repins.

The first Pinterest pin image shows that it got the maximum number of repins from Best of board.

Helpful Tip: The Pin Inspector includes all your most recent Pins, regrardless if they were scheduled through Tailwind or not. All the Pins listed that have the little Tailwind logo just to the right of the image and lower side will let you know that pin was published through Tailwind! via Tailwind

After sorting by highest repins via the Pin Inspector, you have the option to reschedule the Pinterest pin that is doing well by clicking Re-Schedule this Pin’ on the right side of the Pinterest pin.

How to Use Tailwind Pin Inspector to Find Your Best Pins #tailwindapp #pinterestva #pinterestvirtualassistant #virtualassistant

After you have clicked the ‘Re-Schedule this Pin,’ you will see this pop-box. (Screenshot below)

You can change the board where you want it to be repinned, edit the description, add hashtags, set the date via the calendar icon and choose ‘Save as Draft’ or ‘Schedule.’

How to Use Tailwind Pin Inspector to Find Your Best Pins #tailwindapp #pinterestva #pinterestvirtualassistant #virtualassistant

Pin Inspector is an amazing feature that allows you to see how your pins specifically performed in all of your boards and especially group boards.

Group boards have so many pins, and you are probably wondering if they are still helpful. Through Pin Inspector, you can quickly check each of the other boards and compare how your top pins have performed. This is also going to help you decide if you still want to stay or leave a particular Pinterest group board.

Check out Pin Inspector in your Tailwind account today! If you are not using Tailwind yet, click this link to start a free 1-month trial of Tailwind app.

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