How to Master Scheduling Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind App

How to Master Scheduling Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind - #tailwindapp #pinterestvirtualassistant #pinterestva #pinterestmarketing #virtualassistant

Updated: May 14, 2019

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Have you subscribed to Tailwind already, but not quite sure how to use it? In this blog post, you will learn 6 important things that you must do to master scheduling Pinterest pins.

Let's start!

NO. 1

Tailwind App Tip: Install the Tailwind Extension for your browser - #tailwindapp #virtualassistant #pinterestvirtualasistant #pinterestva #pinterestmarketing

The first and most important thing that you need to do is to add the Tailwind extension to your browser. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Just Google Tailwind app and click ‘Add to Chrome’ for Chrome users.

When you have added it to your browser, you will see it at the top right corner. 

How to Master Scheduling Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind - #pinterest #pinterestvirtualassistant #virtualassistant #tailwindapp

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to schedule any image on the web by clicking on the "Schedule" button when hovering over it.

When you visit a website, look for an image that you want to pin. You will see the ‘Schedule’ button at the bottom left corner of the image when you hover your mouse in that area. Click it. You will be directed to a new tab or pop-up box. The pin that you selected will be shown. Then, select a board where you want to pin and click add to queue. You can also edit the pin description and add hashtags.

You have probably noticed the orange icon with an exclamation point. It showed because I have pinned the image already in the same board that I clicked. You will see a green check mark if you have not pinned it to the same board yet.

This extension will also help you to schedule content quickly. When you click the Tailwind extension, you will see all shareable images on a webpage and then schedule as many of them as you'd like. The images that you have selected will appear at the bottom. Then, click the blue button that says ‘Go Schedule’ in the lower right portion of your browser. You will be directed to another tab. You will see all the pins, you can edit the description, and add the pins to different boards.

Always use the “Add Board to All” so that you can pin to multiple boards all at once.

How to Master Scheduling Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind - #pinterest #pinterestvirtualassistant #virtualassistant #tailwindapp

NO. 2

Tailwind App Tip: Create a Weekly Pinterest Schedule - #tailwindapp #virtualassistant #pinterestvirtualasistant #pinterestva #pinterestmarketing

Let’s talk about how to set your schedule.

Log in to your Tailwind account.

Go to ‘Your Schedule’ under the ‘Publisher’ tab. It is located on the left side. You will see ‘Your Weekly Pinning Schedule.’ Click 'Recreate Schedule' under ‘Smart Schedule.’ Enter the number of pins that you want to schedule daily. I put 25 because it is the ideal number of pins that you can schedule on a daily basis. Then, Tailwind will regenerate new optimized time slots for General Queue using your Pinterest data to determine when your audience is most likely to be engaged. Click the green button that says 'Recreate Schedule.' After this, you will see additional rectangle boxes highlighted in green. Those are your time slots. They work like an alarm clock set in different time of the day. If you want to add more, you have two options. Number 1 is by clicking the boxes outlined in green and it will be added to your pinning schedule. Number 2 is by clicking the blue button in the upper right corner. This option is for adding your customized time slot. It will appear in a grey box in your pinning schedule. Then, do not forget to choose the time zone that you want to use.

I mentioned earlier that you can add a customized time slot when you set up your weekly pinning schedule in the ‘Your Schedule’ section of your Tailwind account. You might be wondering if you can set a custom time to the pins that you have scheduled already. The answer is ‘Yes!’ You can do this in your ‘Scheduled Pins’ section. Just click the time slot of the pin that you want to change. You will see a calendar. Change the time and day. Then, click the green button that says ‘Set Custom Time’ and ‘Save Changes.' Here is a video tutorial:

NO. 3

Tailwind App Tip: Create board lists - #tailwindapp #virtualassistant #pinterestvirtualasistant #pinterestva #pinterestmarketing

What if you want to pin a Pinterest image to a lot of boards to save time? The solution is creating board lists so that you can schedule a pin to several boards instantly! Here is how you do it:

You can create as many board lists as you like. You can create as many board lists as you like just make sure that you label them properly.

NO. 4

Tailwind App Tip: Add New Pins to Tailwind Drafts - #tailwindapp #virtualassistant #pinterestvirtualasistant #pinterestva #pinterestmarketing

You can also repin pins in bulk by adding them all to your Tailwind Drafts. In the video tutorial below, you will see that I clicked the Tailwind icon on some of the pins. I did not schedule them one by one. They all got added to Tailwind Drafts. You can find this beside your ‘Scheduled Pins’ section.

You will see in your Drafts section all the pins that you clicked using the Tailwind icon. Then, go to the ‘Add Board to All’ located in the upper right corner of your ‘Scheduled Pins’ section. Choose the board where you want them to be pinned. You will see that the name of the board that you have chosen will appear on every pin. If you think that they are good to go, scroll down, and just click ‘Schedule All Drafts.’ After this, you will see all the scheduled pins in your calendar grid at the right side.

Here is a quick video tutorial:

NO. 5

Tailwind App Tip: Shuffle your queue - #tailwindapp #virtualassistant #pinterestvirtualasistant #pinterestva #pinterestmarketing

Go to your Schedule Pins page (under the Publisher tab), you will see the pins that you have scheduled are located at the right side. It is your calendar grid, a visual representation of your queue so you can see everything at a glance. So when you click ‘Add to Queue,’ the empty boxes at the right side of your Tailwind account will be filled. The boxes have time slots in the order which you have set them up in the 'Smart Schedule.'

The next time you will schedule a pin, it will fill the next available time slot in your queue so set up your entire schedule in advance.

The left side is the queue in the order that they are going to be sent to your boards and group boards. You can see how many are scheduled per day.

How to Master Scheduling Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind - #tailwindapp #pinterest #pinterestvirtualassistant #virtualassistant

After you scheduled your pins, you want to mix them up so that your pins will spread out in different time slots. Click ‘Shuffle Queue’ to quickly re-arrange the posts in your queue. Your readers will see that you are pinning other new and relevant content every day and that would be very helpful for them too.

“Any unlocked Posts will shuffle, swapping places with other unlocked Posts in your queue and leaving open time slots and locked Posts intact and untouched. This will shuffle your entire queue, even if you are only viewing a subset of Posts at once. Shuffling will NOT move scheduled Posts into any empty time slots.” via tailwind. via

Tailwind App Tip: Shuffle your queue - #tailwindapp #virtualassistant #pinterestvirtualasistant #pinterestva #pinterestmarketing

You might be wondering how do you lock a post?

Take a look at the screenshot below. Go to your ‘Your Schedule’ and select a pin. Try to hover your mouse over the bottom of the pin image to toggle right to Lock or toggle left to Unlock.

Your next question is probably when do you lock a post.

For example, you are a member of a Pinterest group board. As a member, you must follow the rules. For example, 2 pins per day only. Therefore, you need to lock a scheduled post for that particular group board. Tailwind won't move that pin if you were to re-arrange your content by shuffling so your pin is safe.

How to Master Scheduling Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind - #tailwindapp #pinterestvirtualassistant #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest

Your posts will also be locked if you use the Interval Pinning feature. Locking your posts will ensure that the pins maintain their Interval setting.

When we say that locking your pins makes your queue more flexible, it means that while the locked pin won't move if you shuffle you can still drag and drop a locked pin

NO. 6

Tailwind App Tip: Use Interval Pin Scheduling - #tailwindapp #virtualassistant #pinterestvirtualasistant #pinterestva #pinterestmarketing

You want to make sure that you are consistent in pinning your content to your Pinterest account. The best way to do this is by using the Interval Pin Scheduling. 

It has 3 benefits:

  1. Schedule content over period of time

  2. Helpful when scheduling the same content to multiple boards

  3. Create an interesting and organic pinning schedule

via Tailwind

The first thing that you need to do is to select a Pinterest image and click the Tailwind icon. You will be directed to a new tab so that you can schedule your pin.

  1. Add more than two boards.

  2. Click Use Interval.

  3. After clicking ‘Use Interval,’ you will see Schedule first pin at.  This tells you when your first scheduled pin will post. It will be inserted into your schedule directly in that first available time slot. Then, you can set a custom day and time if you want to by clicking the Schedule first pin at box.

  4. Choose the interval length. This determines the time between repins. Set it by using the slider or add the number, hour or day.

  5. Decide on what kind of Interval type you would like to use.

    • There are 3 different ways to use the Interval Pinning feature.

      • Open Time Slots - Pins for each board will look for and fill in available time slots coming up in your schedule, making sure that each subsequent slot complies with your minimum interval. Using this option your pins will be scheduled right into the open time slots that are in your schedule already.

      • Optimized - Pins to each board will be scheduled at optimized times outside of your existing schedule. These new optimized times will appear as “manual” time slots. This option creates new time slots outside of your current ones, but these new time slots are based on when your audience is most active. 

      • Exact - Schedule Pins to each board at the exact interval you set, regardless of a time slot actually being available at that time. If no time slot exists for a Pin’s exact interval time, it will appear as a “manual” time slot. This option creates a new time slot for the time that you choose, whether your audience is most active online or not.

  6. Click ‘Set Interval’ and ‘Schedule Now.’

  7. After you have scheduled the pins, you will see them in your Scheduled Pins in your queue and calendar grid at the right side.

How to Master Scheduling Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind - #tailwindapp #pinteresttip #virtualassistant #pinterestvirtualassistant #pinterestva

Here is a short tutorial on how to use the Interval Pin Scheduling

These tips will help you to become more consistent and organized in scheduling your pins via Tailwind.

If you are not using Tailwind yet, click this link to start a free 1-month trial of Tailwind app.

I also help Pinterest users by managing their accounts and it includes scheduling Pinterest pins using Tailwind. Want to know more how I can help you? Get in touch by clicking the link below! See you!