9 Tips On How To Be A Successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant

9 Tips On How To Be A Successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant - #pinterestmarketing #pinterestvirtualassistant #canva #pinteresttip #pinterestva #pinterest

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Want to get started as a Pinterest VA, but not sure how? Here are nine tips that are sure to help.

1. Create a Pinterest account for your Pinterest Virtual Assistant business.

One of the best ways to showcase your Pinterest knowledge is by creating a Pinterest account. If you have an existing Pinterest account already, clean it up! Remember that you are using your Pinterest account as a marketing tool to gain potential new clients. It is no longer for your personal use. For example, you can create Pinterest boards about Virtual Assistant Tips, Pinterest Strategies, Pinterest Pin Tips, etc. Also, one of your future tasks is to clean up your clients’ Pinterest accounts so this is a good opportunity for you to review and make necessary changes to your Pinterest account. You will encounter clients who have boards for their personal stuff and business-related topics. You need to make sure that their Pinterest accounts represent their business. If you want to know more tips, please read my blog post about “How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile.”

2. Create other social media accounts for your Pinterest VA business.

You also need to market yourself in other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook page, and Twitter especially if you do not have a website yet. When I was starting out, I did not have a blog too. When I started working on my blog, I also did not have much blog posts to promote on social media so I searched for articles about Pinterest and shared them on my Facebook page. I also searched for Pinterest tips and created Instagram posts for them. You need to be consistent in all of your social media accounts so that people will notice that you are a Pinterest VA and you can help them out if they have Pinterest questions. Also, your potential clients might not have Pinterest accounts yet but they probably have Instagram accounts. That’s why it will be good for you to use all of your social media accounts in promoting your Pinterest VA business. They might contact you in other platforms.

I use the following hashtags for my Instagram posts and Pinterest pin descriptions.

  • #pinterestva

  • #pinterestvirtualassistant

  • #pinterestmarketing

  • #pinteresting

  • #pinterestsuccess

  • #pinteresting

  • #virtualassistant

    • Note: Please use 4 to 6 hashtags only for your Pinterest descriptions.

3. Read Pinterest and Tailwind news as often as possible.

You need to create a Google Alert so that you can receive emails consistently about Pinterest and Tailwind. Click this link to learn more. Pinterest has made a lot of changes over the years. You need to keep up so that you can also make the necessary changes if you need to on your clients’ Pinterest accounts. They might ask questions from you too if they feel indecisive about the latest changes on Pinterest. For example, Pinterest Analytics changed its look recently. It shows you more information than the previous layout. Your client might ask what is the big difference between the old and new one. It is better to keep updated so that you can give proper advice to your clients too.

4. Learn how to use Tailwind.

Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest and you do not need anything else. It is an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner for Content Marketing. It provides a lot of amazing features that will make your life easier as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. One of the features that I like is the Smart Schedule. Tailwind already added some optimized timeslots to your Pinning Schedule based on when your audience is most engaged. Therefore, you will feel assured that Tailwind is helping your clients gain more exposure on Pinterest. In order to understand it better, you should try using it. You can use it for free for a month. Click this link to get started. Most clients that I have encountered have Tailwind accounts. You will have more confidence in talking to them if you know how to use Tailwind. If they are not using it, encourage them to use it and explain the features that would be very valuable in their Pinterest marketing strategy. I also wrote a post about How to Master Scheduling Pinterest Pins Using Tailwind. Please check it out. 🙂

5. Practice creating Pinterest pins.

The design of a Pinterest pin is a very important factor whether a Pinterest user will click it or not. There is a lot of competition on Pinterest to get noticed, and you need to make sure that you do that for your clients’ pins. I usually suggest to clients to have more than 1 Pinterest pin for each of their blog posts. Through this strategy, you can test and determine which ones are getting clicks. Then, you can improve your pin design skills. You will also be able to give advice to your clients about what works and not. This would be a plus point to you and additional income! You need to separate this service from your Pinterest Management Packages because it takes a lot of time to create new pin designs especially if your client wants to do a huge pin design makeover. If you want to start creating Pinterest pins, I created 7 free Pinterest pin templates on Canva. You can use them as an inspiration or modify them. 🙂Just click the image below to access them right away. Make sure that you have a Canva account in order to access them. When you open the file, click ‘File’ in the upper left corner of your Canva account and then click ‘Make a copy.’ If you fail to do this, your work will not be saved, others will see your designs, and you will change the templates. They are for your personal use only. You can also use my blog post about How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins on Canva as a guide.


6. Join Facebook groups for Pinterest Virtual Assistants.

Whether you are a new Pinterest VA or not, it is awesome to be a part of an online community for Pinterest Virtual Assistants. It is so much better to ask your Pinterest questions to another Pinterest VA because we are offering a specialized service. Here are some of the Facebook groups that you can join and learn more about Pinterest. I copied and pasted the first part of the Facebook groups’ description so that you have an idea what they are all about.

7. Connect with other Pinterest Virtual Assistants.

Find a Pinterest VA friend. 🙂Your journey into becoming a Pinterest VA would be so much fun if you have a Pinterest VA bestie whom you can ask questions, suggestions, and comment about what you are doing for your client’s Pinterest account or the pin design that you just created for your client. We need to support and help each other because being a Pinterest VA can make you feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes. You will encounter clients who will want to get the Pinterest results ASAP but you know that it does not work that way. Pinterest marketing is a long-term commitment. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience to get the result that you want, but this is like anything in life. You also want to enjoy being a Pinterest VA and it makes a lot of difference if you can share your struggles with someone who is also in the same situation as you. So if you need help, just contact me. ❤️We will figure out how to solve your Pinterest problem.

8. Enroll in a Pinterest course.

When I started doing work as a Pinterest VA, I was not enrolled in any Pinterest VA course yet because I had clients who taught me how to use Pinterest and Tailwind. It was not a lot of information, but they helped me see what they wanted to achieve from Pinterest and Tailwind and it was getting more traffic to their websites. I am grateful for that experience because when I decided to focus solely on Pinterest, I am already prepared for how much work I need to do. Later on, I discovered “How to Become a Pinterest VA” course by Kristin and Gina. After researching about this course, I enrolled eventually. I must say that this definitely a very valuable resource material. The course includes training on how to use Tailwind too! This course is definitely an excellent investment and it will be worth it. Kristin and Gina update the course material from time to time, and you need that. Pinterest and Tailwind are constantly improving their platforms. It will be good for you if you can also read the latest changes and how it affects your current Pinterest marketing strategy via an online course. When Tailwind introduced SmartLoop, I felt that maybe it was too hard to understand and hoping that I would find a tutorial on how to use it. I am so glad when Kristin and Gina added a SmartLoop tutorial in their Pinterest VA course! The most important thing that I have learned through this course is how to set my Pinterest packages price. If you have not worked as a Social Media Virtual Assistant before, you might feel uncertain on how much you will charge your clients. I was guilty of undercharging myself, and it did not make me happy. You have to value your worth. If you lower your price, it affects the whole community of Pinterest Virtual Assistants.

9. Be patient with yourself.

You might feel frustrated along the way. You will encounter a lot of challenges especially when it comes to getting clients. You might also feel overwhelmed by the things that you need to learn. I have felt this way a lot of times but you need to remember that you are not alone and it is part of growing your business. If I cannot understand something, I usually contact the customer support or post my question to a Facebook group that is for Pinterest Virtual Assistants. For example, when I cannot understand a Tailwind feature, I send an email to their customer support so that they can explain it better. They respond in a timely manner. My advice is to take it one step at a time. If you see a new feature on Pinterest, read more about it and find time in your calendar when you can focus on how to understand it better.

Thank you for reading my post. I have implemented these tips to my Pinterest Virtual Assistant business. I want to share these tips because I have been getting questions from other Pinterest Virtual Assistant who also want to grow, learn, improve, and succeed. I believe that we can support each other even though this is a competitive industry. There are plenty of opportunities out there for all of us. I do feel sad sometimes when a potential client does not reply to my email pitch. However, I am learning not to take things personally and let go of things that I cannot control. I hope that you will do well in your business too. You can contact me if you need help with anything related to Pinterest. 🙂