Outsourcing and Getting More Traffic from Pinterest: Client Success Story

Outsourcing and Getting More Traffic from Pinterest: Client Success Story - #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest #socialmedia

One of the best things about working as a Virtual Assistant is that I get to work with people from different parts of the world. It can be a challenging and exciting process to find a client, but when you find one, it feels like you have also met a new friend.

I am happy to share with you how I have helped one of my clients to grow her Pinterest account and in other aspects of her business.

My client’s name is Caroline Guntur from organizingphotos.net. I sent her an email about a blog post that I was writing about her business and how I have helped her. We had a little Q and A and here how it went.

What is the story about your blog? How did you get started?

I started my business as a residential organizing business about 10 years ago, but after a few years, I realized I had a specialty in Photos and Family history and all the digital information that had to be organized, so I switched over completely and now I no longer do any residential organizing. My first blog post went up in July 2009, but at that time, I was just writing about general organizing as a whole, so it wasn't working. In 2014, I revamped my websites and started blogging about these specific topics instead.

When did you start using Pinterest for organizingphotos.net? Why did you choose Pinterest to use for your blog? 

In late 2014 is when I started using Pinterest for my blog. I was using it personally, but then I realized it was a good source of traffic for my blog as well. I quickly built up a following there, using Boardbooster as my tool of choice. 

When did you realize that you wanted to delegate Pinterest to a Virtual Assistant? What were you struggling with? What were you looking for in a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

I decided in the fall of 2016 that I would delegate more because my business was growing so quickly that I needed help, and one of the easiest tasks to start outsourcing was social media. My other team member Shastina did it for a few months, but then I realized she would be a great writer instead and that's when I decided to find another social media person. Plus, I also needed someone for FB. 

I started working with Caroline last February 2018.

Here was the screenshot of Caroline’s Pinterest Analytics last January 2018.

January 2018 Pinterest Analytics of organizingphotos.net

Here was the screenshot of her Pinterest account from February to June 2018. I was scheduling pins via her Boardbooster account.

Boardbooster shut down last June 2018. After that, Caroline switched to Tailwind. Here was the screenshot of her Pinterest account from July to December 2018. Huge improvement! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Tailwind has a lot of good features that I have been using for Caroline’s Pinterest account. One of the things that I love about Tailwind is the Chrome extension.

With the Tailwind Extension you can:

  • Pin more Often: Find and Pin multiple images from any website via the toolbar button. 

  • Pin more Quickly: Easily schedule any image by clicking the "Schedule" button when hovering over large images. 

  • Repin in Bulk: Quickly schedule one or more pins directly from Pinterest.com!

Here are 3 screenshots to show you how I use the Tailwind extension:

Tailwind extension find and pin multiple images
Tailwind extension schedule easily with Schedule button
Tailwind extension repin in bulk

And, here is the latest screenshot of Caroline’s Pinterest account.


Have I helped you in other ways aside from scheduling pins? 

Yes, of course! You are very helpful in my Facebook group, which needs constant monitoring.

What do you feel are the benefits of outsourcing?

It was hard to me at first because I like to control and manage everything, but I think learning to let go and accept help is good. You don't have to do it all by yourself (which I did for the first 7 years). 

Through the growth in your Pinterest account, what new opportunities did you get? Did people find you on Pinterest and eventually become your client? 

I'm getting most of my traffic from Pinterest and Facebook these days, and some of those people turn into clients and regular readers.

Do you get ideas from Pinterest for your next blog posts? Your most popular pin so far has been "How to Quickly Restore An Old Photo in Adobe Photoshop." 

That's a great idea! So far I have not looked there, but I do keyword/SEO research and just brainstorm based on what has been popular in the past.

Can you share some tips on how you organize your photos? What software, tools, and resources that you recommend? 

Organizing is all about figuring out how you are going to remember things and making a plan for finding things easily. I always recommend using a great software, for example, Adobe Lightroom or Photo Mechanic, but there first step is always to get all your photos together in one place. If you have them scattered everywhere, you can't organize them.

What is your goal for this year and Pinterest?

My goal is to keep going and expanding my brand this year with more blog posts, more online courses, and of course, more help from you!

Is there anything else that you would like to add? 

Thank you for all you have helped me with! When I put out the call for help, I received about 250 responses. Out of that, I was thoroughly impressed by 3 people who took the time to complete the application process. One person was not the right fit because she was looking for a full-time position (which I could not offer at the time), but the other two (you and Tugce) I ended up working with! You were the perfect fit to be the VA and Tugce became an excellent writer! I never found have found you if I hadn't sat down and realized I needed to outsource!

If you want to succeed in your business, you have to use the right tools and delegate tasks. You will gain more freedom and be happier. 🙂

If you want to know more tips about organizing photos, please visit Caroline’s blog: organizingphotos.net and you can also join her Facebook group: Photo Organizing Fun - Hosted by OrganizingPhotos.net

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