I am Glad that I Discovered the Art Text Software

I am Glad that I Discovered the Art Text Software - #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest #socialmedia

Apart from being a Virtual Assistant, I am also an Etsy seller. I create printable artwork and sell them as digital download files via Etsy. My designs are text-based so I am always open to new ideas on how to make fonts look more interesting such as adding a watercolour texture, gold foil texture, and so on.

When I was searching for new creative ways to use fonts, I found out an article about Art Text via Creative Market. Here is the link: How to Create Watercolor Social Media Graphics — No Illustrator Needed

I was very intrigued. Prior to this, the only way I know how to create watercolour fonts is through Adobe Illustrator. After reading the article, I got very excited at the possibilities of using Art Text in creating my printable artwork.

Well, I would really love to draw a watercolor art. Then, digitize it by scanning or photographing. However, I do not have a scanner and subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud yet.

After a bit of research, I purchased the Art Text app. It is an investment. I am also eager to use it because I want to have another option aside from Canva and Inkscape.

Art Text is graphic design software specifically tuned for lettering, typography, text mockups and various artistic text effects.

I want to show you how I create printable quotes via Art Text app. I created a YouTube tutorial.

You can also read the steps that I have created below.

Hi there! I made a short video tutorial about how I create a printable quote via the Art Text app. Art Text is graphic design software specifically tuned for lettering, typography, text mockups and various artistic text effects. Learn more by visiting their website here: https://text.design/art-text/ I create printable quotes and sell them via my Etsy shop.

1. This is the first thing that you will see when you want to create a new design on Art Text.


2. Click the square icon at the bottom to set the document size.


3. Change the text by clicking ‘Text’ at the upper right corner of the app.


4. Increase the size of the font and align at the center.


5. Click ‘Font’.

Then, you will see the available fonts on your laptop. I am happy that I can use the fonts on my laptop. I cannot do this via Canva because I do not have a paid plan. I have purchased fonts from The Hungry JPEG and MyFonts and downloaded free ones too. Creative Market is the best source so far for getting free fonts and other types of digital files. When you subscribe to Creative Market, you will receive free digital files such as fonts every Monday. I always anticipate their email. 🙂 Also, if you have purchased something from them, you will be able to get more free stuff.


6. The next step is click ‘Fill’. You will see here three choices (Color, Texture, and Shading) to customize the font.


7. Pick a color, texture, or shading.

I picked ‘Texture’ and ‘Watercolor’. You will see a variety of watercolor textures that you can also change the color. I also clicked ‘Placement’ and adjusted the position of the texture.


8. I wanted to use a watercolor background for my printable quote so I clicked ‘Shapes’ and picked a watercolor shape that I liked.


9. Make sure that the text is visible by dragging the text above the watercolor shape.


10. You can also customize the shapes by clicking ‘Fill’ just like what I did with the font.


11. I wanted to pick a gradient color that would complement the gold watercolor texture of the font.


12. You will see a variety of ‘Preset’. You can also change and mix other colors to the preset. I will show you another tutorial on how to do this.


13. Since I wanted to make a watercolor background, I duplicated the shape. You can also increase the size of the shape to cover the entire background.


14. I clicked ‘Geometry’ to rotate the shape.


15. Then, I did it again. 🙂


16. Here is the final product. 🙌🏽


17. I saved this design and exported to a JPEG format with a resolution of 300 DPI.


Since I have purchased the app, I have used it in creating social media graphics for my Virtual Assistant business too and for my clients. I love using it because it does not require an internet connection. 🙌🏽🙂It is an energy saver! 😉

If you have read my previous posts, I mentioned Canva most of the time because it used to be my #1 choice to create graphics. Unfortunately, I cannot access it from time to time because it is down. I do not have info why. At first, I thought it was because of the slow internet connection here sometimes. However, I have also seen Facebook posts from other Virtual Assistants and other Canva users who cannot access it. When it happened, I had no idea when it would be working again. It affected my workflow and kinda frustrating because I did not have any other option before. 

Thankfully, I was able to find Art Text.

Here some pointers that I would like to share why I like Art Text:

  1. Easy to use: The instructions are simple. They have YouTube tutorials too. It is pretty easy to navigate and understand the features.

  2. Reliable customer support: I have sent questions via their Facebook page and they have been able to reply in a timely manner always.

  3. Visually-appealing: It looks great and savvy!

  4. Playfulness: I am happy that I can put a different colour, texture, or shading to fonts. I can also make 2D and 3D texts.

  5. Shareable social media graphics: I can share my graphic designs to Twitter and Facebook. I think it is only limited at this point. I will update this blog post when it allows me to share to other social media channels.

  6. Variety of file formats: I can export my designs to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF and EPS. I am just using three formats (JPEG, PDF, and PNG) at the moment for my printable quotes. I wanted to use GIF but it just produced a static image. I hope that the creators of Art Text would be able to work on this.

Overall, I am happy with the Art Text software and hoping that it will have added features and improvements in the future.

Thank you for reading my blog post. Please click this link to download the ‘You can do it!’ quote.

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