How to Join Pinterest Group Boards


It is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with others within your niche using Pinterest Group Boards. There are a lot of Pinterest Group Boards that you can definitely find something that interests you and will help boost your Pinterest account. I have shared here some tips that will guide you. 

Tips in Joining a Pinterest Group Board

  1. Look for friends or other bloggers who have Pinterest Group Boards and within your niche. When you found one, follow the owner. 


2) If you do not know the owner personally, you can send an email to the owner. Write about who you are, your niche, your blog’s URL, and Pinterest account. Do not forget to inform that you have followed her/his account already. You cannot join a group board if you are not following each other. You can find the email address on the description of the board. Please look at the example below.



3) You can join a Facebook group that also encourages members to collaborate with one another. You would be able to see posts from different Pinterest Group Boards’ owners who are open to receive new members. They provide the instructions on how you can be a member. You need to pick one that is within your niche. One of these Facebook groups is Pinterest Group Boards.


4) Search Pinterest Group Boards through Pin Groupie. It has a lot of Pinterest Group Boards for different niches. There are options on how you can select the ones that you are interested in joining.


Let's try to search for group board about 'female travellers'.


As you can see, there are a lot of travel group boards on Pinterest. I like that they have included a description of each group board. You can click the icon beside the description and it will lead you to that particular group board. You can see the image below that the owner of the ***Traveletting*** group board is Travelettes. You need to look for her group board that has the name of ***Traveletting***.


When you find it, there is an instruction on how you can join on the description. 


It will take some time before you get approved but that's okay. In the meantime, you can search for other Pinterest Group Boards and engage by repinning other pins to your own boards. You can also create your own Pinterest Group Board and invite other Pinterest users to join you. 

Do you have some tips in searching for Pinterest Group Boards?

What are the obstacles that you encounter in joining Pinterest Group Boards?