How to Give Up Control and Delegate More Often

How to Give Up Control and Delegate More Often - #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest #socialmedia

Delegating is one of the best ways to grow your business. You will be more productive and have more free time to spend doing what you love. However, it can be challenging to do this for others. We do have the tendency to control everything especially if you are a small business owner. Your business is like your child. You trust yourself better than anyone else in taking care of your child. I know this because of my sister. She is a mother and handles too many responsibilities at home and work but she has a built a good relationship with her nanny who supports her always. 

Here are some tips that will help you to succeed in delegating your tasks:

1. Admit that you need team members.

Think of how amazing it would be to surround yourself with team members who can contribute to your success. Accept that you cannot run your business just by yourself. You will also gain more opportunities to expand your business when you have a team.  

2. Determine the tasks that you will delegate.

Be specific in choosing the tasks that you want to delegate. Think short-term and long-term. What are the tasks that you really need help immediately? Then, how can a new team member take charge of this task? For example, you need help answering emails from your readers desperately. Your new team member will have access to your Gmail inbox and in the long run, she will be in charge of customer service too aside from handling your Gmail inbox. This person must be accountable.



3. Choose the right person for you. 

I know that it can be more challenging to find the right team member in the virtual world because you will not be able to meet the other person in your office or at the nearest coffee shop within your vicinity. I have seen a lot of people creating an application through Google Form or Typeform. These are okay but you have to be willing to interview your applicants too. I do believe that there are people who are not very good at expressing themselves in writing but they are more able to articulate themselves when they talk. Give them a fair chance to let you know why they want to work for your company. Besides they took the time to answer your application. 

4. Show that you believe in them.

When you have chosen your right-hand person or Virtual Assistant, you have to build a relationship. Ask questions and let them answer. Let them know that you are open to their ideas and suggestions. This is a great way on how you can nurture your relationship with your team members. Brainstorm with them once or twice a week so you can also get to know them better. It is important for them to feel that you are confident in their capabilities by letting them figure out ways on how they can help you better. You might discover a better process of completing projects too.

5. Try not to micromanage.

You can guide them but not too much. For example, you want her or him to create social media graphics for your Instagram profile. Show your current designs and let them know what are your likes and dislikes. Then, let her or him create new ones. Remember that this is not your task anymore. It will take time for both of you to adjust but that is okay. 

6. Give them an opportunity to grow.

There will be times when you get your desired results and sometimes not. That's okay too. Be positive and trust that this person is doing her or his best to support you. 

7. Offer feedback.

Have a follow-up conversation with your new team member has achieved a task. Share your feedback if they have followed your instructions pretty well or not. Ask them too if they have not gotten clear instructions from you. Be open and show them that it is okay to share their insights too.

Being successful in delegating takes time and a lot of patience. You will also realize that there are more things that you can do for yourself and others. Courage, my friend.


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