How to Create Pinterest Pins


Pinterest images are very nice to look at because they convey the content of your blog instantly. Pinterest users are like browsing pages of magazines and looking for an inspiration for their boards. There are things that you are looking for that will make you click the pin and read more about the content. I have created some tips on how you can make an awesome Pinterest image.

1. Choosing the correct size of Pinterest images.

The image that you see below is from Canva. The current Pinterest size is 735 px x 1102 px. It is 



2. Making sure that you use the right image for your brand or service. 

You will make it easier for other pinners to notice you if you have the images that showcase who you are and your target niche. I do recommend to use your own photos because it will show your vision for your brand. If you are a travel blogger, you should definitely use some of your travel photos for your Pinterest image. You can also hire a photographer to take photos for you but it can be very expensive. However, you can use stock photos. I use the ones from and most of the time. They have a wide variety of photos that you can use for free.

3. Putting a complete title or caption.

You can add the title of your blog post on your Pinterest image.

4. Your image and title should be seen clearly. 

There are templates on Canva that will show you the proper layout of a Pinterest image. 

5. Adding your website's URL.

The Pinterest images nowadays have the website's URL on their pins. This is very helpful in identifying your brand or services instantly. Also, Pinterest users will know immediately that they can click your pin and directed to your website. 

This is an example of a Pinterest image that I created:



What are your other tips in creating a Pinterest image?

What are the other tools and resources that you have used for your Pinterest images?