How to Cope with Loneliness as a Virtual Assistant

How to Cope with Loneliness as a Virtual Assistant - #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest #socialmedia

When I have started to work as a Virtual Assistant, I knew that this is the right path for me. It feels good that I do not have to commute every day to get to work. That is one of the benefits that I love in terms of working remotely. I can still remember the times when I was working in Manila. I had to wake up so early in order to avoid the traffic. I am grateful for that experience. 

I have a flexible time nowadays but there are times that I do want to have officemates. I feel lonely and isolated sometimes. There are things that I do to feel happy and connected with others such as the following:

Have a day off.

Treat yourself once a week. You need to rejuvenate and relax. I am guilty of not taking a break sometimes. Finish as much as you can before your rest day and if not, there is always tomorrow.

Connect with your friends through chatting or calling.

It can be boring sometimes but do not let your work stop you from reaching out to your friends. Meetup with your friends and hang out. If you feel like meeting new friends virtually, there are Facebook groups that you can join. I am a member of these groups for Virtual Assistants or digital nomads:

Being Boss®

Digital Nomad Accelerator

High Vibin' Soulpreneurs

Remote Like Me Community

Six Figure VA Empire

The Creative + Confident Entrepreneur

The Intentional Entrepreneur

The Sensitive Soulpreneur

The VA Collective

The Virtual Assistants' Hub

Virtual Assistant Business Community

Virtual Assistant Graphics Forum - VAG Forum

Virtual Assistant Hangout For Women

Virtual Assistant Jumpstart

Virtual Assistant Mentoring & Training Group

Virtual Assistant Savvies

Virtual Assistant Studio

Virtual Assistant Tribe

I like being a member of supportive groups because you would be able to read stories that will inspire your business too.

Read books and articles.

When I read a book, it helps me to focus. It also improves my vocabulary. I have subscribed to other online entrepreneurs' newsletters. They share amazing tips on how you can improve your social media accounts, business, and so on.

Eat your favorite dessert. 

I like baked pastries and other things sweet. They make me feel happy. (haha) You should try to eat something that will energize you while at work. It does not necessarily have to be sweet. 

Get enough sleep.

Lastly, sleep longer. Lack of sleep affects my mood and work. If you have a time, take a nap. It feels refreshing even if it is just for a few minutes and it will help you become more productive and attentive.

P.S. Do not work too much, my friend!

What would you like to add on this list?

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