Advantages of Working with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Advantages of Working with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant - #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest #socialmedia

Pinterest has grown so much in the last few years. It will continue to change and maybe make things a bit complicated. Haha!  I hope not. You will just have to keep up by creating a Google Alert to email you the latest info about Pinterest. Do you have enough time to read the updates and implement the changes if there is a need? For example, are you using the giraffe size for your Pinterest pins? The name is funny. I know, but it is the best description for those very tall pins that you see on Pinterest. Anyway, Pinterest has been telling that 600 px wide x 900 px high is the best pin size. Can you create new Pinterest pins right away to accommodate Pinterest and make them 600 px wide x 900 px high? If yes, fabulous! If not, you need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to help you out. 

Pinterest Virtual Assistants know what to do and will make sure that you adhere to the 600 px wide x 900 px high, but they are more than that. They have been studying the Pinterest platform in order to make sure that they understand it and serve their Pinterest clients better.

Advantages of Working with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant #virtualassistant #pinterest #pinterestva

Here are 4 advantages that you will get when you start to work with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Implementation of Pinterest strategy

There are many Pinterest marketing practices that you can do for your account. It can be very time-consuming if you do it on your own. For example, scheduling pins. Don’t you just want to focus on blogging and let a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do the scheduling? Most people would answer yes. You will have more time creating your content and then your Pinterest Virtual Assistant can create the pin images for your blog posts. You might feel overwhelmed by the constant changes in Pinterest, but that’s what are Pinterest Virtual Assistants are for. You will get help and overcome all the hurdles so that your Pinterest account will be successful.

Evaluation of your Pinterest account

Your Pinterest Virtual Assistant will provide you with a monthly report of your account’s growth. It is better to read a summary in PDF rather than checking the progress on a daily basis. You will see what are your most popular blog posts and this will you give an idea about your next content. Let’s say that the monthly report is not the result that you want. The good news is that other Pinterest users did not get the result that they wanted in the beginning, and they have gone on to be successful by working with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. You will get all the support from your Pinterest Virtual Assistant in order to be successful in growing your Pinterest account. You have to be patient too because this will take time and a lot of hard work.

Reliable team member

Managing a Pinterest account is a lot of work. You need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant who is going to be your long-term business partner as you grow your online business. It is challenging to keep up with the constant changes in Pinterest and Tailwind, but your Pinterest Virtual Assistant has your back. (Do I sound a coach? Haha!) You will not go through this alone and feel clueless. There will be times that your monthly viewers will go down. You will probably ask ‘There must be something wrong with Pinterest, right? How come it plummeted?’ This can happen to any Pinterest account and it is okay. Here is a good explanation why monthly viewers decrease and what you really need to pay more attention: Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Decrease? Your Pinterest VA will help you navigate the dynamic world of Pinterest. It will be fun and challenging, but it will be worth it!

These three key points need to be consistent.


After a couple of months of working with your Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you will feel more organized. Your workflow will be smoother because you have allowed someone to manage your Pinterest account. When things are organized, it will be more convenient for you to do other things for your business.

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Advantages of Working with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant - #virtualassistant #pinterest #pinterestva