10 Social Media Tasks I Can Take Off Your Hands

10 Social Media Tasks I Can Take Off Your Hands - #pinterestva #virtualassistant #pinterest #socialmedia

“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.”
Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

Having a blog for your brand or business nowadays is not enough. You have to establish your online presence via social media. It can be overwhelming because social media keeps changing and adding more features. Do you have enough time to keep updated with social media and its intricacies? You are the owner and you do a lot already such as creating content, writing your course or program, searching for clients, meeting up with potential investors, doing Facebook live, and so much more. 

That's why I am here to help! 

I have created a list of how I can help you as a Social Media Virtual Assistant. 

1. Setup your social media profiles and link them all to your blog. 

Your social media profiles show your personality and brand so it is very important to set them up properly. I will make sure that your social media handles, your photo, and cover photo/images are consistent in all of your social media platforms. It will be easier to find and follow you. The cover photo/images should represent who you are and your brand. It is also important to use the correct image size for your cover photo/images. Your bio should contain keywords that describe who you are and your business. For example, if you are a blogger, be specific. Include a short and creative info on your website too. It can be: travel blogger and writing adventures to European countries or food blogger and exploring the vegan world. 

Here is an example of being consistent in social media profiles:


2. Create a social media calendar.

Keeping up with all of your social media accounts can be messy. You would feel totally unprepared but let's focus on making things organized by creating a social media calendar. We can use Trello or Google Sheet. Having a calendar makes you accountable or me to be more consistent. Your followers will also feel that you are always making sure that you are reaching out to them. We can brainstorm and talk about the posts that you would like to share such as your articles, promotions, events, valuable articles from others in your niche, and so on.

Here is an example of a social media calendar that I created on Google Sheet:

Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar

3. Search for free stock photos.

One of the things that I love doing is searching for free stock photos. This can be time-consuming because I want to be able to pick the ones that are unique and related to your brand. Photos are the most popular social media content that gets a lot of shares. For example, Instagram and Pinterest. These two social media platforms are driven by images. There are different ways on how you can customize a stock photo to reflect your brand. I usually share the stock photos that I have found on Dropbox. Here are some websites that have free stock photos:               

4. Create social media graphics for your blogs on Canva.

Canva is a free graphic design tool website that I have been using to create social media graphics, presentations, PDF files, business cards, resumes, logos, and so on. The best feature is that I can share my Canva account with you (if you would like to work with me). Then, you can edit and share your suggestions. Since I have discovered Canva, it has given me a lot of options to create social media graphics because it has social media graphics' layouts already that you can use for free too. You can check out samples of work through my portfolio section on this site. 


 5. Search for hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

Finding hashtags can be challenging because there are so many of them. There are online tools that can help you search for the trending hashtags or the ones that are being used by influencers. Some of them are Hashtagify.meTagboardTweet Binder, and Hashtags.org. However, I highly recommend that we should brainstorm together to search the hashtags that are suitable for your niche. Then, we can use the tools that I have mentioned above. 


6. Follow social media profiles and influencers.

Social Media Influencers have a huge impact on consumers nowadays. People choose certain things over the other based on the posts of popular influencers who give recommendations, reviews, and promote products. Their followers would most likely be inclined to use the same products because they want to feel connected and be relatable. Influencers are brilliant in terms of captivating the emotions of their audience. Therefore, it would be great if you will allow me to follow influencers or social media profiles who are relevant to your niche. We can get ideas from them on how we can improve your social media accounts. You can probably invite them to be a contributor in your blog or website too.

7. Make a list of conversation starters to encourage your followers to comment on your posts. 

Getting an organic engagement on your social media platforms can be challenging. People struggle to get comments on their posts. There are a variety of ways to encourage your audience to like and comment such as posting inspirational quotes, memes, selfies, funny videos of cats, and so much more. You can all do these type of posts but still not get the attention from your audience. Why? You probably did not do proper research on the profile of your target audience. Your conversation starters posts should be able to create more awareness, traffic, and generate leads for your business. 


8. Respond to or inquiries from your readers and followers. 

Social media is the most convenient way on how customers can interact with your business. You should be able to respond as soon as possible. It will show that they are valuable to you and grateful that they are using your products or services. There might be times that you will not be able to know how to find a solution to their problems immediately but acknowledge their questions by telling them that you are working on it and will get back to them when you have sorted out their concerns. Therefore, I can be the one who is going to be solely responsible for providing an amazing customer service. When you make your customers happy, they will most likely share a great customer service experience on social media and they will be your brand advocates. 


9. Research topics and ideas that could be used for blog's content.

You can be more consistent in posting to social media by publishing new content at least twice a week. I will help you by searching new ideas that could be your inspiration for your next blog post. You can also use my research in your presentations, seminars, and when you are creating a new strategy for your potential clients. 

10. Track the metrics.

Monitoring your metrics gives you enough time to be able to make a coherent plan and create posts that resonate with your target audience. It requires a lot of time and energy to see the results of your Facebook ads, etc. I will create a weekly report via Google Sheet and share it with you so we can see what works and not.

Growing and expanding the reach of your social media accounts will take time. Do not worry if you are not getting the results yet. Be patient and seek out someone's help when you feel that you are ready to work with a Social Media Virtual Assistant.

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