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Oh hello! I am Marissa but you can also call me Iza.


Hey! I am Marissa, the creator of this blog, and I am a Virtual Assistant.

I work with online business owners and bloggers by managing their social media accounts so that they can focus on blogging, have more fun, help more people, support their family and make a lot more money.

I started this blog so that I can connect more with you and share my insights about being a Virtual Assistant, experience in doing other online businesses, trying new software, life goals, and so much more.

Before I decided to work remotely, I had worked as an Assistant Cook for Norwegian Cruise Line. It was a great experience which I am truly grateful for. I met one of my closest friends, traveled to different places, ate amazing food, shopped souvenirs (lol), and so on. Then, after my third contract, I felt that I wanted a change desperately and could not see myself working on the ship for the next 5 years or more. I knew that I wanted to focus on having more time for myself.

When I went back home, I made a decision to have a career change and searched online for an opportunity. I found out about “remote work” via a Facebook group for people who love traveling. Then, I read about being a Virtual Assistant. There were a lot of options, but I decided to study an online web development course and finished it after 3 months. Learning how to code was difficult and fun at the same time too. I was hoping that I could land an entry-level job in a remote tech company, but it did not happen. However, it did not make me want to go back and apply for jobs in the kitchen. I took it as a challenge and asked help from the universe. Then, one day I saw a post from a travel blogger who was searching for a graphic designer. I did not know anything about graphic design back then, but I sent her an email and expressed my intention to be a part of her team. She gave me a chance to be her Social Media Virtual Assistant, and the rest is history. 🙂

Fast forward, I joined Facebook groups for Virtual Assistants, took more online courses about social media, and created my own blog.

I love the world of social media, but in moderation. 😉 If you choose the right social media platform for your business, then you will be able to attract the clients, opportunities, sales and connections that you want. You just need to be patient, consistent, and willing to try new things because social media is constantly changing.

Do not give up. That is my best advice about anything in life.

Thank you for reading this part of my blog. I appreciate it.

Marissa Abao Virtual Assistant