Oh hello! I am Marissa but you can also call me Iza. 


First of all, thank you for visiting my About page. It is nice that you want to know more about me. 😀 

Before I became a Virtual Assistant, I was working as an Assistant Cook in Norwegian Cruise Line. I have visited other countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Jamaica, Aruba, Caribbean islands, and so much more. It was definitely a very memorable experience and I am grateful. When I finished my third contract, I wanted to stop and decided to pursue a different career path. I knew that I cannot work in the kitchen anymore because it was too much for me. I felt anxious and having doubts about my decision. 

I used to work in an office before. I am knowledgeable about administrative tasks. I used my researching skills to find out what is next for me. I stumbled upon the world of tech industry because I saw the phrase 'remote work' in a Facebook group. I read that these people who work remotely are web developers and designers. Moving forward, I enrolled in an online web development course from Career Foundry. I was very enthusiastic and excited about studying online. I finished the course after 3 months and began applying for online tech jobs. Unfortunately, I did not realize that it was very difficult to compete with other job seekers in the tech industry. I did not give up immediately. I revised my resume and created an online portfolio by using my web development knowledge. While I was searching for online work, I found out about Upwork and the term 'Virtual Assistant'. I got intrigued and decided to open an account. I read that as a Virtual Assistant, I can offer my web development skill too. 🙂It was a great motivation for me to learn more and find resources that will help me to become a Virtual Assistant. During this time, I started to familiarize myself with Facebook groups. I found my first client in one of them. This client introduced me how to handle different social media accounts. Then, I joined Facebook groups for Virtual Assistants, connected with other Virtual Assistants, read about how to be a better Virtual Assistant, learn different software, and so much more.

And here I am now. 

One of my favorite things to do is connecting with people who have a passion for building their online business and genuinely love helping others to succeed too. 

As a Virtual Assistant, I am proud to say that I am a very resourceful person. My motto is simple: "There is always a way!"

Since becoming a Virtual Assistant, I have been focusing to help online entrepreneurs on how to improve their social media profiles. I have not forgotten my tech background and I am using it too. 

I like to see my clients' businesses grow and prosper. I am always striving to improve my work and providing the best business support experience for my clients. That's why I always find time to learn something new that can be an additional skill and it would also benefit my clients and potential clients.

When I am not working, I like to read personal development books, watch movies, grocery shopping (I love fruits!), eat, cook, and so on. I am happy that I have achieved my goal to work remotely. The transition was not easy but I just told myself that I can do it!

If you are inspired by my story, let's have a video coffee chat. I love making new friends and helping others.

I look forward to connecting with you!